simalfaproductsHeynen Systems is entrusted with the exclusive distribution of Simalfa produtcs in the Benelux area.

SIMALFA produces a unique water-based, solvent-free adhesive for the foam industry. This revolutionary product has an instant tack.  For more information, technical sheets, and demos, please refer to Simalfa website.

Alfa Klebstoffe produces a patented one component adhesive that renders the impossible  possible: an instant  adhesion – the result of the unique pressure.  Ideally suited for the foam processing and upholstery companies, Simalfa adhesive sticks foam to foam, wadding and wood. The adhesive is used directly from the packing making it easy and affordable to use.

Our offer: test with no risk or obligation.

In the Benelux we offer a one-month free trial on the principle “no cure no pay”. Only the used adhesive shall be charged. E-mail, Fax or call us. Our representative -Willem Ebbers, will be glad to make an appointment for a demonstration in your Company’s premises.