Tricover Type FX

New technology, introduced at Interzum 2017. Full automatic production line, combined with KSM transport units. It takes less than 35 seconds to wrap a mattress. Mattresses of different sizes can be covered subsequently without changing the machine settings. This horizontal machines is suitable for all types of cores. The cover is closed with a longitudinal beam. Heynen Systems supplies the entire system: the Tricover FX equipment and the knitted tricot /knitwear specially pre-packed in a way to suit its use.

Suitable for Mattresses

Dimension of the inserted item

(H x Th x W)

2200 x 250 x 2200 mm
Seal Long welding beam
Sealing unit IC controlled
Cycle time per unit 35 sec
Electricity supply 230 V 50 Hz, or customised
Air Pressure 6 ato
European Patent No. European patent pending
Stockinet Heynen systems manufactures the special pre-packed polyamide or polyester TRICOVER knitted tricot /knitwear